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  • Why Might I Need Reading Glasses?

    Reading Glasses, also known as hobby, “off the shelf”, chemist glasses or ready readers, are glasses with a set magnification, specifically to help those struggling with close- up vision, often due to a condition called presbyopia. 

    Presbyopia originates from a Greek word meaning “old eye” and it’s a natural part of the aging process.  

    You may start to notice presbyopia when reading materials must be held further away to see them clearly. 

  • What Causes Presbyopia?

    Your clear lens sits inside the eye behind your coloured iris. It changes shape to focus light onto the retina allowing you to see.  In young eyes the lens is soft and flexible changing shape as needed to allow vision in the distance and up close. As we age, the lens becomes more rigid and can’t change shape, making it harder
    to see up close.

    There is no way to stop or reverse the normal aging process that causes presbyopia. However, using a pair of reading glasses for any close- up tasks provides an easy solution.

  • See Your Optometrist

    It is important to have an eye examination with your eye care professional to ensure that any visual challenges are the result of presbyopia and that no other vision or eye health issues are present. Your optometrist or eye health professional will also be able to advise exactly what power reading glasses will work best for you.

  • Not Just For The Presbyopes!

    Reading glasses may also be a useful back up for those needing a more complex personalised prescription.  Progressive lens wearers who wear personally prescribed lenses providing correction in the distance and up close may enjoy using a dedicated pair of reading glasses in bed at night.  Readers can also be used as a temporary aid after cataract surgery.  For our travellers not wanting to risk damaging their fancy progressive lens glasses by falling asleep in them on the plane, “off the shelf” readers may be a brilliant option for viewing the screen.

  • Embrace A New You

    If it’s time to don a pair of reading glasses, there’s nothing to be feared! Yes your readers serve as an optical appliance but they’re also a fashion accessory with an opportunity for self -expression. A simple pair of reading glasses will impact how the world perceives you with some studies revealing that glasses wearers are perceived as more intelligent, trustworthy and hard working.

    Vital’s readers vary in style from bold statements reflecting confidence and creativity to more refined sophisticated models. How you want the world to see you is up to you! 
    Consider using different styles in different settings and learn to let your glasses be a vibrant addition to your personal style.