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Why Choose Vital Reading Glasses

Ready when you are

Available in a range of reading strengths, Vital ready readers are perfectly suited for up-close tasks at work or home, without the need for a personalised prescription.


A more conscious choice

Our impact-resistant Vital frames are made with recycled plastic, skillfuly manufactured from repurposed water bottles and plastic containers.


Engineered to last

Our commitment is to offer eyewear that stands the test of time. With premium recycled materials, high quality hardware and thoughtful design, we’re keeping eyewear out of landfills for longer.


Prioritised comfort

Meticulous design, thoughtful features and well-balanced proportions ensure Vital frames adapt comfortably and sit correctly for a variety of head sizes.

Collaborative expertise

The result of a partnership between a leading international eyewear designer, an experienced frame stylist and a highly regarded optometrist, every detail of Vital eyewear has been thoughtfully considered.

Timeless style

Blending innovative design with enduring mid century references, we’ve crafted modern frames that stand confidently as timeless classics, transcending passing trends.



What's In The Box?

Delivered to you safely in a sturdy box, each Vital frame comes with a protective, recycled vinyl sleeve and a cleaning cloth for added care.