Will Reading Glasses Damage My Eyes?

Will Reading Glasses Damage My Eyes?

Hobby glasses with simple magnification are also known as “ready-made” reading glasses, “over the counter” reading glasses, chemist glasses, magnifiers or ready readers.

One of the most common concerns about these magnifiers is whether they will harm your eyes?

The simple answer is “no” but there’s need for caution.

Reading glasses provide an effective solution for those struggling with close- up vision and they come at a fraction of the cost of prescription glasses. However it’s  important to ensure your blurry close- up vision is simply a result of the aging process (presbyopia) and that no other vision or eye health issues are present. 

Regular eye examinations with your eye health professional are essential

Generally it’s recommended eye health examinations should be undertaken every two years as most eye health issues can be managed and treated if discovered at an early stage.

Once you know you’re a safe to wear hobby glasses, you’ll have to think about how you want them to look and feel and how much you want to spend.

The market is flooded with cheap chemist style readers but they’re often made out of poor quality materials and have unusual fits making them uncomfortable across the bridge or around the ears. Cheaper options often don’t look very nice and break easily, so you may be caught short, if you don’t carry a spare at all times.

Vital reading glasses are our solution for those wanting to feel and look great when donning their reading glasses. Our designs are carefully proportioned with comfortable bridge fits and rounded temple tips so they won’t hurt behind your ears. The stainless steel spring hinges ensure the readers fit multiple head widths and sit comfortably on different face shapes.

Aside of comfort, Vital glasses look fantastic.  With over 30 plus years in the luxury optical market, our founders Kay McFarlane and Michael Holmes have designed a timeless range of ready readers you’ll want to wear.  The modern silhouettes and colours have been carefully designed to ensure Vital presents as an outstanding range of designer eyewear, but at a fraction of the price. You’ll be pleased to have Vital reading glasses as the latest addition to your fashion accessories.      




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