Ready Readers or Prescription Glasses

Ready Readers or Prescription Glasses

Ready readers, off the shelf readers, hobby or chemist glasses are all names for glasses to help people with near vision. They’re most suited to people experiencing age related presbyopia, a condition where seeing up close becomes increasingly difficult.

If you’re struggling with any aspects of your vision, it’s best to see your optometrist/eye health professional and have a comprehensive eye examination. Only then can you be sure if ready readers are a good option for you.

Ready readers have the same corrective power in each eye so they may not work well if each of your eyes has a different prescription or if you have  astigmatism. In these situations, you will most likely need a pair of prescription glasses as assessed by your optometrist/ eye health professional.

Ready readers are an excellent and cost effective option where your eyes are otherwise healthy and you simply need a hand with near vision. Use them for reading, writing, sewing, cooking and other activities where you're struggling to focus up close.

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