Woman wearing reading glasses in colour glade

Finding Your Perfect Fit Reading Glasses

It's more art than science choosing a pair of reading glasses to suit your features and your personality, but it's easy once you know some basics.

Size: Check the frame's proportions  for your face size.  If you have a smaller face, select finer designs that aren't as wide. Likewise a bigger face should wear a wider sized frame.  Vital frame sizes are clearly marked.

Eyebrows: Generally it's a good idea to have the top of the frame following the brow line. This isn't going to be exact because most of us have uneven eyebrows but it's a good aim. Large gaps between eyebrows and the top line of the frame can be unflattering.   

Eye Position:  Aim to have your eyes centred in the lens from left to right. 

Colour:  Is a personal choice but consider what looks best with eye and hair colour as well as skin tone.

Fit: Reading glasses should fit comfortably across the bridge, on the sides of the head and around the ears.  Vital frames are very well designed to fit most bridges and because of the durable spring hinges, most will fit comfortably on all head sizes. We have also designed temple tips for comfort featuring a rounded pad.    

If you're not an experienced reading glasses wearer and don't feel confident to buy online, visit one of our retailers to purchase the perfectly fitting pair for you.  Alternatively, buy online www.vitalglasses.co.nz .  Vital offers easy 14 day returns for full refund. 

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