Blue Light Filter Lenses

Blue Light Filter Lenses

Vital Reading Glasses Don’t Include Blue Filter Lenses. Here’s why:

Vital’s co-founder, optometrist Michael Holmes BOptom, has over 30 years experience in eye health care and prescribing glasses.  Having reviewed the literature, he says, the impartial clinical research suggests there’s no valid reason to wear blue filter lenses. It’s a fad promoted by companies that stand to benefit.

Read on and learn how to take better care of your eyes.

Digital Eye Strain
Many of us may experience varying levels of digital eye strain (DES).  Symptoms may include eye fatigue, dryness/burning, redness, headaches and blurred vision.

Clinical research confirms that blue blocking/filter lenses are not an effective treatment for DES. If you have any symptoms of DES, see your eye health professional for advice and treatment.

Blue light exposure from screens may interfere with the natural sleep cycle, making it hard for some of us to fall asleep.  The research tells us that to restore a healthy sleep cycle, it is important to reduce or cease screen time 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Blue Light Emitted By the Sun
Our greatest exposure to blue light is when we step outside.  The amount of blue light emitted by the sun on a normal day is well in excess of any blue light emitted from digital screens. Although some exposure to natural light is good for our eyes, it is important to wear sunglasses with effective protection from the sun’s harmful rays. 

Find out what the Royal College of Australian and New Zealand Opthalmologists (RCANZO) and the New Zealand Association of Optometrists (NZAO) have to say.

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